Find teachers and projects which have been sharing their knowledge and skills at Pre-convention over the past years. They are all talented and awesome and highly recomended by us ❤️

Monika Kolb, Performances, Workshops, Circus Projects

Teachers and Friends, Aaron Lind and Christine Moonbeam

Hugo Hanssen, Dutch Acro Teacher and Organizer of IAC

Martin Kvist, Master of Sports Science and Handstands 🙂

Karel Salet & Sytske Riphagen, Dutch Acro Teachers

Catlin Cook & Dane Heimann, Duo Die, Acrobatic Teachers

Vanille Simeon, Acrobat and Yogi

Nicola Helmink, Child Whisperer and Performer

Kristy and Harry, Performer and Dear Friends

Karel Salet, Dutch Acro Teacher and Non Violent Communication


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